Table tennis has become enormously popular over the last few years and what better idea to have decided to mix it up and throw in America's favourite drinking game beer pong into the mixer. Wedged halfway between Liverpool Street and Old Street, there are nine custom made tables across 2 floors. UV Art of famous faces decorated by the hand of social artist Will Thompson adorns the walls alongside Shoreditch mainstay Mr Doodle. Upstairs you will find two foosball machines (GARLANDO and ROBERTO SPORT) with “ITSF” light fixture set on freeplay. No coin required! There is also an arcade machine on the floor set to freeplay. Simply bash the credit button and lose yourself in an endless sea of classic titles and get to actually complete the game if you have the determination and skill to go to the end… Freeplay machines are only available through booking. Just next to the main bar is an arcade multigame system to play your favourite classic video games if the beer pong has not had the better of you and you can still see properly. The arcade machine accepts £1 coins per game. Sink Pong is available for group bookings and private hire.


address: 2 Paul St, London EC2A 4JH

tel: 020 3837 4680




2x Foosball – GARLANDO and ROBERTO SPORT freeplay


1x Arcade - Multi Game System


£1 per game

Opening Times:

Monday: 11am–12pm Tuesday: 11am–12pm Wednesday: 11am–12pm Thursday: 11am–12pm Friday: 11am–2am Saturday: 11am–2am Sunday: 11am–9pm